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College Residencies

Zingaresca Ensemble includes two university professors who hold doctorate degrees in music. In addition to concert performances, Zingaresca offers educational residencies at institutions of higher learning. These include:

  • Lectures on Romani, Jewish, and Eastern European music and culture

In our experience, the vast majority of American students are unaware of the origin, history, and musical traditions of the Romani people (formerly referred to as the "Gypsies"). In our lectures, we present the latest theories on the timeline of the Romani migrations from North-Western India, their hardships in the diaspora, and the contemporary human rights issues in Eastern and Western Europe. We also introduce the students to a variety of musical styles in Romani music, from Russia and Ukraine to Spain and Romania.  In addition, we provide the necessary information about the genres and styles in the music of Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews of Eastern Europe.

  • Vocal and instrumental masterclasses


All three members of Zingaresca are experienced teachers.  Dr. Belov is a world–class specialist in classical vocal technique with a particular focus on Russian art song repertoire.  A world-renowned specialist in historical performance practice, Dr. Timofeyev has taught classical guitarists and lutenists of any level. Studying Romani guitar playing, singing, and dancing with Vadim Kolpakov is a special treat since for the duration of the masterclass the students can be taught exactly in the spirit of the centuries-old oral tradition.


  • A screening of a new documentary “Gypsy Vengerka” (90 mins, 2022) followed by the Q&A session


The 90-min–long documentary film was made by Oleg Timofeyev and Sabine Gölz over more than 20 years, while they followed the life and progress of Vadim Kolpakov, his famous uncle Alexander Kolpakov, and several other Romani musicians.  After the screening, the students have a Q&A opportunity with the film director (Oleg) and the prime subject (Vadim).


  • An interactive recital that offers musical examples from multiple cultures and traditions


Every piece in Zingaresca’s repertoire is a result of a rigorous selection process, analysis, and collaboration. When we perform formal evening concerts for large audiences, we keep contextualization down to a few sentences.  However, once we place the emphasis on the educational aspect of our work, we show the students the original material for a given piece and the evolution of the music once it is a part of our offering. In such a setting the students have the ample opportunity to ask questions and receive satisfying answers.


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